Welcome to IWSOS 2011

IWSOS 2011, the Fifth International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems, will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, 23.-24. February 2011. Building on the success of previous workshops in this series held in Passau (September 2006), Lancaster (September 2007), Vienna (December 2008), and Zürich (December 2009), IWSOS 2011 aims to provide a visionary forum for self-organization in networks and networked systems.

Keynote Speaker

Prof. em. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h.c. mult. Hermann Haken, founder of Synergetics, is giving a keynote talk at IWSOS 2011.

Keynote Speaker

Hod Lipson, associate professor at the Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab, is giving a keynote talk at IWSOS 2011.

The Workshop will take place in the beautiful Karlsruhe Palace located in the heart of Karlsruhe. IWSOS 2011 will be organized by the Institute of Telematics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Prof. Martina Zitterbart.

FP7 SOCRATES Final Workshop Co-Located

The FP7 SOCRATES Final Workshop on Self-Organisation in Mobile Networks will be co-located with IWSOS and take place one day before IWSOS on 22. February 2011 in the same location. More information about the workshop is available here.

Reduced IWSOS registration fees available for SOCRATES members.


01. Mar 2011: Photos of the workshop are online here.
24. Feb 2011: Best Paper Award: Finding Routing Shortcuts Using an Internet Coordinate System, Francois Cantin and Guy Leduc
24. Feb 2011: Student Research Competition Award: Self-organized positioning of mobile relays , Helmut Lindner, Wilfried Elmenreich
15. Feb 2011: Final workshop program is online here.
31. Jan 2011: List of accepted posters now online. Submission of camera ready versions until Feb. 13. Information for poster presenters on preparation of final version and copyright form can be found here.
18. Dec 2010: Registration is now open here. See the Call for Participation [PDF][TXT]
09. Dec 2010: The preliminary workshop program is online here.
04. Dec 2010: Due to some technical issues, the e-mail address for poster and student research competition submissions has changed.
01. Dec 2010: List of accepted papers now online.
26. Nov 2010: Please note that the date for IWSOS has changed slightly: 23.-24. February 2011.
25. Nov 2010: Call for Posters and Student Research Competition announced.
30. Sep 2010: The FP7 SOCRATES Final Workshop on Self-Organisation in Mobile Networks will be co-located with IWSOS and take place on 22. February 2010.
27. Aug 2010: Hod Lipson, associate professor at Cornell University, will give a keynote talk at the workshop.
23. Aug 2010: Hotel recommendations with special rates are now available.
17. Aug 2010: Information on Shadow TPC is now online.
23. Jun 2010: Paper submission is open here, information for authors available here.
22. Jun 2010: Preliminary TPC members online
09. Jun 2010: Hermann Haken, professor emeritus, University of Stuttgart and founder of Synergetics will give a keynote talk
09. Jun 2010: Wiley is a sponsor of IWSOS 2011
08. Jun 2010: Call for Papers online [txt] [pdf]


General Chairs Martina Zitterbart KIT, Germany
Hermann de Meer Univ. Passau, Germany
TPC Co Chairs Christian Bettstetter Univ. Klagenfurt and Lakeside Labs, Austria
Carlos Gershenson Univ. Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
Steering Committee Hermann de Meer Univ. Passau, Germany
David Hutchison Lancaster University, UK
Bernhard Plattner ETH Zurich, Switzerland
James Sterbenz University of Kansas, USA
Randy Katz UC Berkeley, USA
Georg Carle TU Munich, Germany (IFIP TC6 Representative)
Karin Anna Hummel Univ. Vienna, Austria
TPC Members Karl Aberer EPFL, Switzerland
Christos Ampatzis European Research Council, Belgium
Ozalp Babaoglu Univ. Bologna, Italy
Michael Batty Univ. College London, UK
Sandford Bessler Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, Austria
Christian Bettstetter Univ. Klagenfurt and Lakeside Labs, Austria
Yuriy Brun Univ. Washington, USA
Sonja Buchegger KTH Stockholm, Sweden
Iacopo Carreras Create-Net, Italy
Alexander Clemm Cisco Systems, USA
Giovanna Di Marzo Univ. London, UK
Falko Dressler Univ. Erlangen, Germany
Wilfried Elmenreich Univ. Klagenfurt, Austria
Alois Ferscha Univ. Linz, Austria
Carlos Gershenson Univ. Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
Salima Hassas Univ. Claude Bernard-Lyon 1, France
Francis Heylighen Free Univ. Brussels, Belgium
Tom Holvoet Katholieke Univ. Leuven, Belgium
Karin Anna Hummel Univ. Vienna, Austria
Geoffrey James CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia
Mark Jelasity University of Szeged, Hungary
Holger Karl Univ. Paderborn, Germany
Alexander Keller IBM Research, USA
Wolfgang Kellerer DOCOMO Eurolabs, Germany
James Kempf Ericsson Research, USA
Hermann Kopetz Univ. Vienna, Austria
Rajesh Krishnan Science and Technology Associates, USA
Albert Lam Univ. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Nick Maxemchuk Columbia University, USA
Andreas Mitschele-Thiel Univ. Ilmenau, Germany
Adilson Motter Northwestern University, USA
Van Parunak NewVectors, USA
Juval Portugali Univ. Tel Aviv, Israel
Christian Prehofer Fraunhofer, Germany
Mikhail Prokopenko CSIRO, Australia
Susana Sargento Univ. Aveiro, Portugal
Hiroki Sayama Univ. Binghamton, USA
Hartmut Schmeck Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Marcus Schoeller NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany
Sidi-Mohammed Senouci Orange Labs, France
Paul Smith Univ. Lancaster, UK
Martha Steenstrup Stow Research, USA
Martin Stetter Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Germany
John Strassner Univ. Pohang, Korea
Marc Timme MPI Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany
Vito Trianni National Research Council, Italy
Alexander Tyrrell DOCOMO Euro-Labs
Patrick Wüchner Univ. Passau, Germany
Local Organization Christoph P. Mayer KIT, Germany
Denis Martin KIT, Germany

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IWSOS 2011, Karlsruhe, Germany
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IWSOS 2011, Karlsruhe, Germany
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